Tools for navigating the caregiver journey

Caregiving a spouse or parent can be a lonely journey.  You may not feel comfortable talking to family or friends about your true feelings of burnout, frustration, and hoplessness because you believe they don't fully get what you are going through.


It can be hard to focus on your needs when you see your loved one going through such heartrending struggles. You're often caught between a rock and hard place. You want to be there emotionally and physically for your spouse or parent, but your body is telling you that you can't keep giving your all at this pace. 


If you are caregiving aging parents, you may have added stress of sibling family conflict as to what's best for mom or dad or resentment from your doing so much of the caregiving. Besides, dad or mom may not go along with your suggestions for the care they need, leaving you confused about what actions to take. 


Old unresolved hurts can turn an already hard task into a very draining, arduous one.  These hurts can surface unexpectedly in interactions with your parents or spouse causing you to be reactive instead of responsive and centered.


But, the care-giver journey also offers rewards.  It can help you discover new ways to take care of yourself during duress and reveal your inner strengths. It also can bring you closer to your loved one, and teach you the gift of living in the present moment.

I offer you practical tools for navigating the caregiver journey with dignity, compassion, and self-care.  Learn to:

• Balance your needs and those of your loved one

• Take care of yourself and accept change

• Communicate compassionately while setting limits

• Create a caregiving plan

• Turn family conflict into team building

• Connect with a loved one with memory problems

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