Therapy is a way to help you get unstuck

The answers to Life’s questions lie inside you.  All you need to do is look, listen and trust.

- Cherie Carter-Scott

When problems arise, we often see ourselves through the eyes of our problems.  Therapy helps you widen the lens from which you view your situation so you can discover new possibilities for creating change.

I help you focus your lens on your internal resources where you can find your best answers for your difficulties.  I serve as a guide to help you draw upon the wisdom of your mind-body-spirit to make decisions, heal, and take action.

To get at the core of what feeds your discomfort, we explore the core beliefs that leave you worried, sad, angry, fearful, or reactive.  We then work to transform this negative thinking into alternative thoughts which ring true for you.

You are also helped to change behaviors that keep you stuck.  For example, if you feel caught up in trying to change someone else’s behavior (which is a losing battle), you are helped to explore what you can do that is within your control.  You then practice how to do this through role-play, imagery, or other experiential exercises.

Since our thinking-feeling-sensing parts work in concert with each other, I invite you to be attuned to your body’s responses.  I teach you how to calm your body to relieve tension and quiet your mind when experiencing intense emotions.  This inner calmness allows you to widen your viewpoint so new solutions can emerge.

If you are experiencing major loss, we work on grief recovery so you can achieve peace with your loss.  In time, you learn you can connect with you loss without having this sadness overwhelm or dominate your life.

If you experienced trauma or abuse, you are helped to move safely to empowerment and recovery.  You learn your experiences no longer have a stronghold on your self-esteem or your relationships with others, and you can rebuild your life.

As your individual therapist, I help you learn to:

• Overcome depression, anxiety, and fears

• Manage strong emotions and reduce stress overload

• Change self-limiting patterns

• Establish greater self-confidence

• Heal old emotional hurts to free yourself from the past

• Move beyond loss and re-establish your life

• Change your relationship with yourself and others

• Create inner resilience to navigate life's many challenges

Licensed Clinical Social Worker serving Campbell, Cupertino, Los Gatos, Morgan Hill, San Jose, Santa Clara, Saratoga, Sunnyvale and nearby areas.

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