Tools to help your family renew loving connections

Contrary to popular belief, children (even adolescents) are not only pushing for independence, they are pushing for contact and connection.

- Ron Taffel

Parents want to do their very best for their children.  They put their heart and soul into parenting.  Likewise, children desperately crave the love, protection, and sense of belonging of family even if they don’t always show it.  Unfortunately, the best intentions do not insulate families from problems.  Problem-solving requires awareness, skill-building, and lots of practice doing things differently!

I offer guidance for parents and children (aged 6 - 18) to work as a team to restore family well-being.  Collaboratively, we explore what does and does not work, and what each person wants different.  We then focus on how to change negative patterns so positive interactions can flourish.  These may include learning skills to reduce emotional reactivity, communicate empathetically, and creatively problem solve.

I also assist you to develop parenting strategies that help you take charge as parents while supporting your child’s growth and independence.

As needed, I also work individually with your child to help him or her overcome depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, or other challenges.  Using play, expressive arts, and cognitive therapies, I assist your child to develop skills to manage emotions, restructure faulty thoughts, and heal loss or trauma.

Depending on your family’s situation, I combine family, one-on-one child, and parent coaching sessions to increase family harmony and address your child’s issues  This integrated approach offers your child the best of both worlds by drawing on his or her own resources and the power of family relationships to heal and change.

As your family therapist, I teach skills to:

• Partner with your child to resolve problems

• Discover what underlies your child's behavior

• Be responsive rather than reactive

• Communicate constructively amidst conflict

• Set loving limits without waging war

• Restore loving connections

Licensed Clinical Social Worker serving Campbell, Cupertino, Los Gatos, Morgan Hill, San Jose, Santa Clara, Saratoga, Sunnyvale and nearby areas.

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